Scholarship Competition 2010

<p>It appears that LC has extended the deadline for scholarship applications to this Friday, February 12, maybe due to the weather. But they still have notifications going out this week?? Anyone else applied?</p>

<p>Does anyone read this forum?? I would love to hear from LC students who went through the Scholarship Competition last year. Any pointers?? Current students--there seems to be a lot of mixed press about LC: it's a great school, but a lot of students and faculty leave?? Is this still true? What about the honors program? I would love to hear some details that are recent. Thanks!</p>

<p>would like to know anyone's impression of lynchburg too. What is the social culture there? looks like a very small town how are their academics?</p>

<p>Lynchburg is hardly a very small town unless your standard is NYC. The city proper has over 70,000 and the area over 200,000. It has a good supply of shopping including many of the big box stores from Barnes & Noble to Best Buy, Kohl's and Old Navy. A new multi-screen first class theater just opened at the mall. Restaurants are good and include several Chinese, Indian, Thai, lots of Mexican and several higher-end places the best of which is the Millstone Tea Room out in the nearby country. Liberty U just opened a year-round ski slope open to all. There are a few good bars and clubs. Apartments are cheap and abundant. Crime is pretty low--lower than Roanoke or Cville. L is on the conservative side but generally middle of the road. Some locals have ongoing battles with Liberty U. and its politics. </p>

<p>LC is a good college overall with a business school that is popular.</p>

<p>Is anyone else doing the Roanoke Scholarship Competition on Monday, March 15 and the Lynchburg Competition on Tuesday, March 16?? Our son needs a ride. Thanks!</p>