Scholarship Competition

<p>I will be competing in a full college scholarship competition soon. Part of the process, is an interview by a panel of judges from the college. What do you think I should wear? I want to look professional, but it is very cold and snowy at this college right now. Slacks, skirt, suit? Thank you.</p>

<p>This can be a tough one. High school and college students who wear suits can look as though they are wearing costumes because they are so young and don’t normally wear suits. This is especially so if they wear khaki pants with a blazer. However, if all the judges will be wearing suits, you should, too. Just don’t wear khaki pants and a blazer. But also, don’t wear a coordinated suit (one with the same fabric and pattern for both the pants and coat). You are too young for that unless it’s a funeral. Call the secretary of one of them and ask. If there are no secretaries, try former winners. If it’s casual, wear a coat with no tie so you not only are dressed enough, but warm enough.</p>

<p>I wouldn’t discourage you from wearing a suit if you have one that fits you that you wear to church or something. My 19 year old brother wears suits every week and makes them look young/hip. But if you don’t know how to wear a suit or look confident in one then I would agree with the above poster.</p>

<p>^disagree on the “too young for suits except for a funeral” part. It’s not bad for young people to actually want to dress up</p>