Scholarship Data Sheet Personal Statement?

<p>Kosuke mentioned this, but what is this personal statement we are required to write suppose to be like? Do we list stuff, or can it be like the short paragraph we write for the Houseing form? How is everyone writing theirs?</p>

<p>I think it just requires putting a bunch of personal interests and extracurricular activities into a big paragraph. That's what I'm doing anyway. Pretty much list things and go into detail.</p>

<p>hmmmm....i was actually thinking it was suppose to be an essay. like, "at the age of 3 i first realized that blue did not appeal to me. I was really more of a orange kind of person." and then go into something about your interests and how they developed. also, can we type it and attach the sheet instead of writing it on the back?</p>

<p>I typed mine and attached it. No one has complained yet. :)</p>

<p>what is this for???</p>

<p>for the pomona grants. i think im going to have to recycle something for this...maybe the "why this major?" from the rice app...</p>

<p>how long is everyone elses? mine is only 200words long...</p>

<p>You are really turning in a personal statement? I thought it was just something kind of informal so the donors would be able to know what kind of person they gave the money to. My essay is composed of what I like to do and why I want to be a ____. Well, whatever works, you're still getting the money, they just want to know more about you (donors).</p>

<p>mchllhcm, i think you're right-- it's just for the donors. think of them as elderly relatives who always want to know what you're up to and love hearing about it. (not that all donors are elderly.) when i got an academic award that involved $$, i was asked to write a note about myself to one of the people who donates to that fund, and thank her for her generosity... when they get the personal contact, they are more likely to donate more in the future. the lady wrote a sweet note back to me and told me about her time at pomona in the 50s. really nice. i imagine this situation is similar to yours.</p>

<p>That's cool. I just attached a resume that i had before. haha maybe too informal but oh well.</p>