Scholarship essay prompts

<p>Does the essay prompts for the scholarships change every year?</p>

<p>Each scholarship is handled differently. My kid gets two annual independent scholarships. For one, she has the same question every year: what she has gotten out of her college experience in the past year and what she contributes to society during the school year. The other one has an essay prompt that is different (and, it seems, stranger) every year. One year it was about which living person she'd choose to have dinner with (she wrote about the mother of Matthew Shepherd and asking about forgiveness; her sister wanted lunch with Brett Favre - both got money that year). Last year she had to pretend she was head of a government committee and decide whether to end medicaid or require young people to contribute more heavily to support it, and then write a letter explaining her decision.</p>

<p>Wait, what scholarships did they apply to.</p>