Scholarship Essays

<p>I just heard from the University of Iowa that they're offering me a merit scholarship of some sort but before they give me a concrete number I have to send them an essay about my piano accomplishments. I just sent them an email with PDF attachments of this in both essay and resume forms. Has anyone else had to do this or is it more standard to just hear back with a number? I have two more schools to hear back from and I want to know if I should expect to write anything else.</p>

<p>Son didn't have to write essays for music talent scholarships but the school he is currently attending did request an essay, resume and recommendation for the academic scholarship. He received a letter with his admission packet saying congratulations you are eligible for a Freshman scholarship of at least x dollars up to xxx dollars please send in the items requested by Feb 1 to be considered. It probably gives them some time to divide their scholarship dollars wisely between applicants.</p>