Scholarship help

<p>I got accepted about a month ago and was curious when I hear about scholarships, if I even get anything. Do I have to accept to Pitt before I hear about them or will it be another letter. My stats are:
Math 670/32 act
CR 590
Writing 530
GPA 3.93</p>

<p>I wouldn't be surprised if I don't receive anything because my stats aren't special but just curious to see if I should be doing something or on the look out.</p>


<p>You don't have to accept to hear about scholarships. I got my scholarships letter about 2-3 weeks after my acceptance, but didn't submit my deposit for another 2 months almost.</p>

<p>Mferaco - it seems very unlikely, with your current SAT scores, that you would receive a scholarship. Your final decision isn't required until "decision day" - May 1st - at which point certain deposits would need to be made.</p>

<p>is that true? 2-3 weeks after acceptance?? we will hear about scholarships?
I was under the impression that it all goes out in march...</p>

<p>There is no one universal time frame to hear about scholarships from Pitt. Some people hear with their initial letter of acceptance. Others hear in 2-3 weeks. Still others hear back of scholarships months later. No one here can tell you what will happen in your specific situation.</p>

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<p>Someone else on CC (may be sujormik) learned that scholarships are only reviewed on Fridays (i.e. they only decide scholarships every Friday). So it could take a little or a lot of time</p>

<p>A- for your application to be in the Friday scholarship pool, and
B- to be given a scholarship after being in the Friday scholarship pool.</p>