Scholarship Information for Prospective Students

<p>From Fordham's website: </p>

<p>Fordham University offers merit scholarships in three major categories for incoming freshmen: Presidential, Deans, and Merit. The following are minimum criteria to be considered for scholarships. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee a scholarship offer. All admitted students are considered for scholarships, and there are no separate forms to complete.</p>

<p>Deans scholarship recipients typically have an A/A- average, minimum 1400 SAT with an even split between the critical reading and math sections, with typically above a 2100 including the SAT Writing section. These students also usually have strong extracurricular involvement. Deans scholarships are worth minimally $10,000, on an annual basis, which may increase if a student demonstrates financial need.</p>

<p>There are only 20 Presidential scholarships awarded each year. Presidential scholars typically have an A average and rank within the top 1-2% of their high school graduating class. They are often #1 or #2 in their class. Presidential scholars usually score above 1450 on the SAT, with typically above a 2200 including the SAT Writing section. These students have very strong extracurricular involvement and demonstration of leadership ability. Presidential scholarships are worth full tuition and room.</p>

<p>Admitted students who are also semifinalists or finalists in the National Merit or National Achievement scholarship program or Scholars within the National Hispanic Recognition Program may also be considered for a full tuition scholarship, which is renewable for four years. Recipients of the Semifinalist Scholarship are typically in the top 1% of all admitted students. These candidates usually are in the top 5% of their high school class with an A average overall and testing in the 2080 - 2270 range.</p>

<p>There are additional scholarships as well. Some students may be eligible for one these other scholarships if not offered a Deans, Presidential, or Semifinalist scholarship.</p>

<p>Good post. For students with financial need, Fordham can be quite generous with grants as well, particularly if they have very strong scores, but not quite to the 1400 SAT level. So its really important for students to file a CSS early, followed by a FAFSA filing before the deadline in February. </p>

<p>As is stated on many websites, in all magazines and any other social media, (its axiomatic) "Do not let the initial price tag of a private school scare you off and decide not to apply for admission." Leave that decision to the Admissions Committee and Financial Aid Office. Many times private schools, including Fordham University, can make their offer very competitive with some of the flagship state universities if you consider total cost of attending college.</p>

<p>Hey guys. I do not have a social security number, but I'm a legal resident (only my mom has a SSN). Can I still do CSS or FASFA? I didn't put a SSN on the application.</p>

<p>I have better than average scores so I'm mostly relying on merit money, but anything could help.</p>

<p>Do I need to apply to FAFSA/CSS for merit scholarship?</p>