Scholarship Information

<p>Hey everybody, </p>

<p>I was accepted to Monmouth today, I applied EA. There was no scholarship award or information as to when it would be sent out. On the Monmouth website it said I should be getting $10,000 a year for what my GPA and SAT scores are. The other schools i have been accepted to so far have sent me scholarship awards with my acceptance letter and i was just wondering when Monmouth sends out scholarship information.</p>


<p>Nevermind it was stuck to another paper</p>

<p>grux58 did you get by mail or did you check on their website?</p>


<p>I am glad you found your scholarship paper. Monmouth sends out all of their admission decisions and scholarship information by mail. </p>

<p>Do either of you guys have any more questions?</p>

<p>Are you planning on attending MU?</p>

<p>This question is for grux58. I hope I'm not being nosey! My son is a senior in HS and we visited Monmouth last week and loved it. It is definitely his first choice so far. Was wondering if you would mind telling us what your gpa and sat were -- to see if he stands a chance of getting any $$ for scholarship. Thanks!</p>