Scholarship interview overnights: tips and tales?

<p>My D is fervently hoping for an invitation to attend an OOS Scholarship Interview program, which includes staying on-campus with a current XYZ Scholar. It occurs to me that CCers who have been through this process before probably have some interesting or informative stories to share. Airport problems/delays, transportation to campus issues, bed-linen cleanliness, odd host-student behaviour -- what was your S or D's experience with the process?</p>

<p>If she gets invited to parties, it's fine to attend - just don't accept any offers of alcohol. The school will send a packet with all the info you need. Be sure to read what she should bring, many will say bring a sleeping bag. Also be sure to read how she should get from the airport, the school might provide shuttle service.</p>

<p>D was stranded at an OOS interview last year. Remote school and a weird spring storm hit the area. Flights to Atl were cancelled. Delta rerouted her the next day via Detroit. Quick call from H to Delta resolved that and she flew back the next day direct. I was freaking out, but D was the calmest. The school handled it well. Took all the students to the airport and then brought back to campus the kids whose flights were canceled. Sealed the fate on that school for D. Even though she was offered a full free ride, she rejected as the school was too remote!</p>

<p>Advice to your D- remember as soon as she sets foot on campus she is being interviewed. D had 3 overnight interviews and it really help her narrow down her choice. I think she had a good experience with them all. She is excited to be part of the process on the other side this year and can't wait to meet the incoming students at her school in a few weeks.</p>

<p>Good Luck to your D, exciting times!</p>