Scholarship letter

Hello. I got accepted into a school for the spring semester and have received my acceptance letter. However, it has been 6 days after I got my acceptance letter and I havent recieved my scholarship letter. Please what do I do? I’ve already sent an email to my admission counselor concerning this and have gotten no reply. Should I wait patiently or contact the school again?

You may just have to wait and be patient. Some schools don’t send out these awards immediately.

As a transfer student for spring…makes you think you should have a scholarship? Is this a guaranteed scholarship for transfer students? If not, what makes you think you will receive a scholarship at all.

Thank you for answering my question. I’m not a transfer student. I’m an international incoming student. I was notified that I will receive the scholarship letter soon. I’m just worried because I have to provide documents for the F1 Visa by dec 15th and I havent heard anything about the scholarship. I want to make sure I meet all the requirements before the deadline.

Sorry I forgot to add the undergraduate. Hope you understand now.

So, I’ll ask differently. As an international spring enrollee, are you guaranteed a scholarship?

Try calling again on Tuesday if you don’t hear by Monday.

Check your student portal, because sometimes aid awards are posted there. And check your spam folder because often these things end up there.

Yes I was guaranteed a merit scholarship. Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it.