Scholarship Matching

This is a question for anyone who has been through the college process. I am in a bit of a predicament. I was accepted into my first choice school, but did not receive any need or merit based aid. (This school has a very large endowment) I was also accepted into a lower but still considered top-tier school but was offered a large merit award. Would it be advisable to go to my first choice school and ask if they will give some form of aid? (My parents said it would be affordable for us if some form of aid was given)

You can ask…but if it’s not a peer school…you probably won’t see a lot of movement in your aid offer.

How much more aid do you need to attend school A?

ETA…in reading your other threads and posts…you applied to a number of schools where the bulk of aid is need based aid…and they give very few but highly competitive scholarships.

That you got a large merit award from a lower ranked school might not matter to them.

I think 5,000 a year would make to affordable for us, but I wasn’t given a specific amount just that “some” money would make it affordable. Since we
didn’t receive any need aid it’s not a large amount


So you can afford $60,000 but not $65,000 a year?

Sure…you can ask. It seems like everyone is asking.

Your daughter can take a $5500 Direct Loan. Will that make this school affordable for you?

If your calculated family contribution was at or over the full cost of attendance…they can NOT give you need based aid. It would have to be merit…and your student would have to meet THEIR bar for merit aid consideration.