Scholarship Non-Payment or Delay

<p>Any experience or recourse (or suggestions) for students who have been promised a private scholarship and not received it?</p>

<p>Our daughter received an announcement of winning a $1000 scholarship in August from a nationally known foundation but has yet to receive her check---which was supposed to be sent to her, not her school. The contact, a professor from a state college in California, keeps saying he does not "know what is wrong".
She completed everything as instructed, but NO MONEY. How does one handle something like this? The organization has promoted her as their 2011-2012 scholarship winner on Facebook and all over their website, btw....</p>

<p>are you SURE it was promised to go to her DIRECTLY??, because that is not they way most college scholarships are handled. They are usually sent directly to the college and applied against her account. Maybe this unusual method of delivery is what is causing the delay? I would check with the FA office of the college.</p>