Scholarship Notification Date?

My son submitted his application for CSU scholarship consideration – does anyone know when we’ll hear back? In particular for the Walter Scott scholarship in the School of Engineering?

The WJS scholarship website says it may take several months after the 3/1 submittal deadline for winners to be notified. I hope that’s not really the case. My daughter applied, also.

I hope not too. Scholarships are part of the decision making process – if he doesn’t get the scholarship his decision will be easy; if he does he’ll have to decide between Cal Poly and CSU.

That was our daughter’s situation last year, too. She really liked Colo. St. but we visited Cal Poly and she fell in love with it. She had already applied for the Walter Scott scholarship before the CP visit and was hoping that she would not receive it because she loved CP. Her wish came true and was not a recipient of the Walter Scott scholarship. We had to call Colo. St.though to get that info. I believe it was mid-April.

@mustangmom2o21 Sounds exactly like my son. Another member PM’d me and said her son was notified of the Scott scholarship, so they’ must have made their decisions. No email for me, so he gets to go to CP. Would be nice if they emailed to say he wasn’t selected though.

Yes, that would have been the courteous thing to do. But your son will love Cal Poly. Our daughter sure does!

Anyone heard back on scholarships other than the Scott? My son submitted both general and Warner College of Natural Resources scholarship apps.

No information here yet.