Scholarship notification?

Does anyone know when you hear about scholarships etc.? Son was accepted, and received a letter today, but there isn’t any financial information. Is it a separate mailing/email? Thanks for any help or information! Very excited about UD, just need to know if it is affordable!

The Admissions Council should probably - most likely - send you a scholarship and financial aid packet a week or two after being accepted! I am glad your son was accepted, maybe see him around campus! GO FLYERS!

Thanks! We haven’t received anything from them and they are the only school that we haven’t heard from. Since UD is a top choice we are just waiting and wondering how it will all shake out. Hopefully soon???

Hi @Irishcali, I am also waiting to hear on merit but I feel like I read somewhere that they are realized mid-late January.

Hi, yes, I just read that it should be available in mid-January, with full financial aid in late February.

Yes, I heard closer to February because I am auditioning on my instrument for a talent award and all of the auditions for financial aid must be done by Feb.1.

Dayton is on my son’s list. Besides Purdue this is the only college we haven’t gotten any merit notification from. I hope it comes soon!

I agree, NEOmom3! We are waiting only for Dayton now, and my son is getting anxious to commit and get his housing in etc. at other schools. Dayton’s website says, “mid January”, but we have gotten nothing so far. I called yesterday and was told that “all representatives were busy, please call back at another time”. So, I guess we wait…

My son’s award from Dayton came in the mail today. He got a good award, however it will end up being more expensive to go to Dayton than another private college that is closer to home. So, I don’t know if Dayton is still on his list.

My son is awaiting his award package. Just out of curiosity… what state are you located in? We’re in Pennsylvania. Hopefully, it will be in tomorrow’s mail, It wasn’t delivered today. Thanks… and good luck!!

Hi, @InterestedDad59 we are in Ohio. I hope your son gets his award soon!

My son got his award letter on Saturday (1/28). Though it was nice, it wasn’t as good as another private school. It looks like he will be attending the other one. Curious though, he should’ve had a “Deacon’s Scholarship” noted, but it was not. Does anyone know about this?