Scholarship Notifications for UCF'25?

Has anyone from the Class of 2025 received a scholarship offer yet from UCF?

Nope! But I read here that they don’t give much.

There is an enormous amount of information on the UCF Financial Aid webpage. Just go to and use the excellent search feature.

On amounts, I am quite sure that those are totally dependent on the individual student. I have a friend whose daughter is an OOS National Merit finalist and I think she is on a full ride.

Don’t pay any attention to specifics you see posted on any Internet or social media resource. You have no idea if they are accurate, no idea what the poster’s motivations are, no idea what the poster’s qualifications were, and no idea whether their alleged experience matches your particular situation.

I have not seen anything so far for the class of 2025. Based on what I read for last year’s incoming freshmen, scholarships started going out on December 3rd.

Last year housing opened up on October 23rd for incoming freshmen, but this year it just opened up on 12/1 for fall 2021 freshmen.

I would not be surprised if everything is significantly behind schedule due to COVID delays.

@SolsticeUCFAlum Thank you for posting about the housing. We had been checking and of course got caught up in life the past few days and didn’t see it.
Now waiting to hear about scholarships to make final decisions.


I messaged admissions and they said they are reviewing now but offers most likely won’t be out until after the new year.

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Oh wow, so things are more delayed than I thought! Thank you so much for the info!

Admissions is great – very responsive and helpful. But they have nothing to do with scholarship monies.

Financial aid, not so much. They do what they do, when they feel like doing it, and they are not much help with information. They have good resources, especially for highly qualified OOS students, but they seem to work at “not helpful.”

Student Accounts is also great, but they have nothing to tell you until Financial Aid transfers the money to your account.

Actually, when I messaged financial aid about merit scholarships they directed me to admissions who then said they were beginning to evaluate who would get them and that we’d likely find out after break.

Right. Financial Aid does that a lot. They will refer you to Admissions or Student Accounts to get you off their back. Admissions and Student Accounts will help you as much as they possibly can, but they have no control over Financial Aid.

I’ll give you an example. My daughter received a nice scholarship from a third party, who requested our daughter’s account information to ensure the money was properly credited, and then notified us they had mailed the check to UCF Financial Aid. Financial Aid would not confirm anything – even though this was a direct scholarship to the student and not a part of any university evaluation process.

For THREE months, we tried to find out whether the check had actually been received by UCF. The check had not been paid by the charity’s bank, and we were concerned that it had been lost – either in the mail, or at UCF.

FA refused any information or assistance, and referred us to both Admissions and Student Accounts. Both Student Accounts and Admissions told us the scholarship would be processed in the second week of classes and neither we nor they would know anything until the amount showed up in our daughter’s account.

They were right. Financial Aid NEVER DID confirm receipt of the money, but it did pop in her account and was a nice assist for her first two semesters.

My daughter had Pegasus Gold in her portal this morning!! Anyone know what this was worth last year?

My daughter has Pegasus Silver in her portal this morning!! Last year Pegasus Silver was $10,000/4 years or $2,500/year.

Last year Gold was I believe $14000/4 years so $3,500 a year.

Where in the portal would the scholarships be found if you have been awarded one?

It’s under “To Do” section right by the Math Placement Test.

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do you know how much the bronze gave?

Not seeing anything or even a math placement test in mine. Is it under the admissions portal?

@SolsticeUCFAlum, thanks for the heads up. I checked today and My S21 received the Provost! In the past, I think it is worth $30K over 4 years. This along with BF will be hard to turn down.

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According to last year’s scholarship thread the breakdown was:

Provost- $30,000

Pegasus Gold- $14,000

Pegasus Silver- $10,000

Pegasus Bronze- $6,000

I just checked my scholarship status and I received PEGASUS GOLD!! Very happy, my attendance to this school completely depended on whether or not I received a substantial scholarship and UCF came through.

Now to find out how much that provides!