Scholarship Notifications?

<p>Did everyone get their scholarship info on the portal, or is it sent by mail? Their website says scholarship notification will come with the acceptance letter, but wouldn't the online notification be considered an acceptance letter?</p>

<p>No, it's only given in the mailed letter, not the website.</p>

<p> seems like everyone already got theirs in the portal, but Im still hoping for good news in the mailed letter</p>

<p>I have a 1980, 3.5 UW and 6 APs...not sure why I wouldnt qualify for any merit aid</p>

<p>pch340- my D's merit scholarship showed up in the portal with her acceptance. I would suggest calling admissions to find out whether or not you received one (and if you did not receive one, whether there is any supplemental material you can provided to be reconsidered).</p>

<p>Just got the letter, no scholarship. Pretty much a non-acceptance as far as Drexel goes</p>

<p>oh well, moving on... :o</p>