Scholarship Numbers

<p>Does anyone have any numbers (even approximate) for the number of people who generally apply for the Merit Scholarships in science? I finished my application for the Moog scholarship and just wanted to know if anyone knows roughly how many students apply for the Moog (and other) scholarships each year.</p>

<p>Around 800 applicants typically with 4 offers, so it’s VERY competitive.</p>

<p>That is insane… .5% wow…</p>

<p>Krug - is that 4 Full tuition scholarships? If so, how many half tuition scholarships are offered? </p>

<p>Do you think there are about 4 full tuition awards given out for each of the other scholarships?</p>

<p>I believe Danforth had around 2,000 applicants last year. Forty were offered scholarships. Not all forty ended up choosing Wash U, so I believe there are around 21 Danforth scholars. The odds are better for Ervin and Rodriguez. I’m not positive about the numbers, but I believe 60 of each are offered, and I don’t think the pool is as large. If you search old threads, you can find more specific stats.</p>

<p>4 full, 4 half is what they aim for. You are told when you are invited to interview that you can either get the full, the half, or nothing.</p>