Scholarship/ OOS Waiver questions

<p>Ok, I was accepted to Auburn early admission and immediately applied for housing, but I keep getting mixed messages about what scholarships and waivers I may be eligible for. I have an ACT score of 34 and unweighted GPA is a 4.0. I believe that I qualify for the Presidential scholarship for out of state residents, but I have also heard something about an additional out of state waiver being available that waives 1/3 of the cost if you get a scholarship of equal or greater value to instate tuition? Anyone know what, if any, of this is true? If so, when would I start finding out about these scholarships? On another note, does anyone know if freshman ever get into the Village housing? I think I was one of the very first to apply. Thanks for any help!</p>

<p>There's about 100 freshman in Aubie alone. If you paid your deposit in October and don't specify a roommate you should be able to get in the Village. </p>

<p>You qualify for Presidential scholarship and the $ 16,000 per year goes towards the OOS $ 24,000 tuition/fees. </p>

<p>If you are also a national merit finalist you should get more. Don't forget to apply for the elite scholarships (start working on them now)... Also apply for departmental scholarships in your college of interest (they are very generous).</p>

<p>I didn't make the last cut of National Merit, so that is out for me. I will definitely get to work on the Elite scholarships though. Is the presidential scholarship what some people consider a waiver? I paid my housing deposit in mid October and requested a roommate, but she had already submitted her housing deposit as well. So I should be good, right?</p>

<p>You should be good with the housing... </p>

<p>Elite Scholarships: The University Scholarship Committee invites a select group of eligible incoming freshmen to apply for up to six of Auburn’s most prestigious scholarships. Students typically invited to apply in December are those with a minimum 34 ACT or 1490 SAT score and a 3.5 high school GPA by the December 1 Freshman Scholarship priority deadline. Following a January application deadline, finalists are invited to campus in February to interview. Several hundred applications are received each year, from which approximately 14 students are named finalists. Elite Scholars receive an additional $10,000 to $30,000 over four years ($2,500 to $7,500 per year).
Office</a> of University Scholarships - Auburn University</p>

<p>On Departmental Scholarships... If you are not sure what your major is... sign up as a "dual degree" student (call the registrar). My D signed up as both College of Business and College of Liberal Arts and got scholarships from both for about $ 4000. You can always change your mind next year. </p>

<p>You should get a letter about your presidential scholarship and invitation to join honors college soon.</p>

<p>Yes, the Presidential scholarship now basically amounts to what you can consider a "waiver" -- you will still have to find ways to cover the remaining tuition amount. That's where those departmental, or even elite scholarships would come in very handy.
ALSO, keep in mind that the Presidential and National Honors scholarships are NO LONGER automatic -- according to AU website, they are limited and competitive (though not to the same extent as the elite scholarships). The new rules probably make it more of a "first come, first served" sort of thing. It's good you have applied and been accepted early. It's too bad that AU hasn't posted how many of these scholarships are actually available -- it may fluctuate depending on available scholarship funding.</p>

<p>Hmmmm... I got a letter about Honors college but not about the scholarship. Hopefully that one comes soon. </p>

<p>I went to War Eagle Day in September and they said that even though the scholarships are not guaranteed, they have always been able to give it to 100% of people that qualified. So that is hopeful news! Thanks for the information guys!</p>

<p>I'm not surprised about the honors college letter coming separately -- different office. The other will come from University Scholarships and will be a big envelope. If they said (during War Eagle Day) they are providing the scholarship to those who qualify, and you are already in, you should be set. Congrats and War Eagle!
Don't forget about applying for departmental awards!</p>

<p>The amount of mail, letters, nice certificates will start coming over time. Try not to let it overwhelm you. </p>

<p>Also... One of the reasons we chose Auburn over some others is that most offices were extremely helpful and nice when you have questions. Even housing which gets innundated with questions. Call Admissions about scholarships, call someone in your potential college, call anyone... Auburn was the most helpful university we found. Just start out with "I hate to bother you, and know you must be busy.... " Also better to call towards the beginning of day as opposed to late afternoon (when they get tired). </p>

<p>Keep in mind, things do change from year to year... and once in a while you will get a bad piece of information (including from people on internet forums.. like me)... Feel free to double check with the same office if something is not still clarified and you can always request a higher level phone person if something still seems confusing.</p>