Scholarship Opportunities and Possible Full Rides for Transfers?!

Hey all,
I’m currently on my second semester at CCC as an Art Studio transfer major hoping to major in Animation or Graphic Design. I’ve been trying to find ways to obtain scholarships for the colleges I want to go to because it would be difficult for my family to support me. My top choices for transfer hopefully in the Fall of 2021 is SJSU, CSUN, LMU, UCLA, and CSUF (this may change).
My family is on the $100,000+ range for income however my brother is also attending university around the same time as me.
I’d like to know some tips you can give especially when it comes to paying for mostly all expenses. Is there a way to get a full ride as a transfer? If so how can that be achieved?

What is your EFC with both in college? How much can your parents contribute to your last 2 years of college? How much are your parents paying for your brother’s school?

The Cal states and UC’s offer good need-based financial aid but little in the way of merit aid but you family’s income would qualify for no Federal aid other than student loans or parent plus loans.

Full rides are rare and more so for transfers.

UCLA offers Regent scholarships (merit-based top 1-2% of applicants) at $2000/year for high achieving transfers. Alumni scholarships are around $6000 but for both you have to be invited to apply.

The Cal states give even less merit-aid so you need to check each target school’s website for scholarships that may apply.

As a Junior/Senior, you can take out $7500/year in Federal student loans that would cover tuition for the Cal states if you can commute. Working summers and during the school year could cover your books, healthcare, transportation etc… along with any help from your parents.

How are you paying for school now? Using student loans? Cal Grants?

You could also qualify for the Blue and Gold Scholarship for the UC’s which might give you a bit more help (need based) but you are not going to find a full ride out of any of the schools listed. LMU might be more generous but then their total cost of attendance is higher than the UC”s and CSU’s.

Have you visited your CCC’s financial aid office for advice?

In another thread, you indicate that your family’s income is $200k…from 3 income sources…your mom working 2 jobs and your dad working one.

You will not receive aid from a Cal State.

Is there a CSU that you can commute to?

Why is it so difficult for your family to help you with any college costs since their income is so strong?

Run the Net Price Calculators on the various schools’ websites and indicate 2 in college.

I can already tell you that if your parents aren’t going to pay, no way will LMU or any of those schools be affordable unless you can commute to a CSU.

How are your parents expecting you to pay for college?

There are no full rides for transfer students. I don’t think Ive even seen full tuition awards for transfers.

Big awards are giving to incoming frosh with strong stats because a school’s incoming frosh class affects rankings. There’s little benefit for a school when transfers enroll. Schools often view transfers as students who’ll fill seats left by kids who leave.

Tuskegee and AAMU have full tuition transfer scholarships, apparently based on prior college GPA:

Truman State has a competitive “up to” full ride transfer scholarship, but only two students get it (at least one must be a Missouri resident):

But it is true that big merit scholarships are less common for transfer students than frosh.

Not necessarily true. A high transfer intake may be part of the college’s business model (as it is with California public universities), and there may be reasons besides rankings in their motivations. However, California public universities mostly emphasize need-based financial aid over merit scholarships.