Scholarship Opportunities

<p>I have been accepted for Fall 2012. Do you have to accept it before you are offered scholarships? Or can you see the approximate amounts offered before you accept it? Thanks!</p>

<p>Merit scholarship awards are being determined as we speak and will appear on your myUCF account sometime in late November/early December. You do NOT have to accept your admission to UCF in order to see these awards.</p>

<p>thank you !</p>

<p>Assuming your going there, the application to other programs does require acceptance (at least a few do)</p>

<p>And for those wondering, scholarships range from $5,000-$20,000 for the 4 years. That's TOTAL. This was told by me by an admissions representatives at one of the live chats they had online</p>

<p>I received an email about checking myUCF for various opprtunities etc, however when i click on the scholarship button, I get an error page. Is this because it isn't available yet? Does this happen to everyone? I really don't want to be the only one with a faulty myUCF account..</p>