Scholarship Speculation

<p>So, as I understand, there are 20 full-tuition scholarships and 100 1/3-tuition scholarships, and none of these trickle down.</p>

<p>If some lucky soul (especially EA-admits) gets one of those, could you please post the day you received it and the postmark date on the envelope? (I am not freaking out. at all. really. trust me.)</p>

<p>And does anyone know how exactly National Merit works at Chicago? I've heard all sorts of different things in the past month, some of them very confusing/contradictory.</p>


<p>(I think if I keep telling myself to stay calm, I'll believe it, eventually.)</p>

<p>Anyhow, congrats to everyone for surviving this college apps ordeal. We're nearly there!</p>

<p>Best of luck to everyone!</p>

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<p>According to Libbie's uncommonapplication blog today. All offers are snail mailed out today.</p>