Scholarship, wow?

My DD was accepted to WVU. We haven’t received any info yet on merit money. We are OOS.

However, on their website it says she would be eligible for $15,000 a year? This is for 3.8/1400 SAT. She has a 3.97 uw, 4.7 w, 1500 SAT.

Here is what the website says:

“Minimum high school GPA of 3.80 and ACT of 30 or new SAT of 1400 (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing score plus Math score only)”

The scholarship would be awesome, and would make WVU affordable for us. Is this something we can plan on?

Congrats, I hope she receives the scholarship.She is a great student.

Does it say that the scholarships are guaranteed for everyone with those stats? Some schools give them to everyone, other set minimum stats to creat a pool and then only give 20-50-100 to those in the pool who have the minimum stats. You just have to check with the school.

Congrats. Hope it works out.

The website makes it sound like it’s stats based, automatic? But we’re not counting our chickens before they’re hatched, lol.

Yes; the scholarships are automatic; if you have the qualifying stats…as long as you apply by a certain date, which you obviously have. She will automatically be invited to join the Honors College as well.

Thanks @PennsyDad !

They are automatic. My son had almost the exact same stats last year and that was the offer. He really liked WVU and if he had not gotten a similar offer from an in state school he would have chosen WVU.

If one has put down their academic deposit at WVU scholarship offers are mailed out beginning Nov. 1.

Yes, those are merit scholarships - automatically awarded- up to the student to keep!

We are OOS and our son received an annual renewable $12,000 merit scholarship. These are GPA dependent to remain eligible and also 30 hours of community service is required (thru WVU).
Our son absolutely loves WVU, has made lots of friends, is doing well academically and loves the parties/football large university perks.

My DD just got her letter! $15,000 a year, plus another $5,500/year Engineering Scholarship, so $20,500 per year. Wow!

We are OOS and WVU is very, very affordable for us now.

We haven’t paid any deposits. The website says to accept Scholarship and that it can be declined later. My DD hasn’t heard back from her other schools yet and isn’t ready to make a decision. I guess she should accept it, as she is really considering WVU.

@WVUMountaineer does WVU charge a per credit hour charge for undergrad classes or is it a flat rate tuition each semester regardless if you take 12 credit hours or 18 credit hours a semester? I was given a scholarship too and hoping to try to figure out what this is going to cost with the scholarship. Thanks.

@Astro77 was the mention of the scholarships in the letter or supporting documentation? Where on the website does it show where/how to accept scholarships? My daughter was accepted a few weeks ago and qualifies for a university merit scholarship; along with an additional one from the business school, but I didn’t see an actual mention of this in the acceptance letter or place to accept on a website. Thanks in advance for any insight you are able to provide.

She got the scholarship info on a letter. I think it was the same one with the acceptance, but I’m not sure. There was info on the website near the scholarship info on how to accept the scholarship. If you have questions, I would call them. It sounds like your daughter will qualify for $$!


Congrats on the WVU scholarship. It’s a popular option for lots of OOS students whose in-state schools are still too expensive.

If you need more options those stats will give you at least full tuition at Ole Miss and UAH – maybe more.

whoa, WVU is cheaper for OOS than I thought. that really is a nice scholarship.

Regarding the scholarships listed here is the GPA referenced weighted or unweighted? They give $7K for just a 3.0 GPA and a 22 ACT?

@lexluthor5 I believe they say they use the gpa on the submitted high school transcript, but seem to recall seeing or WVU saying they use weighted GPA. If you have a weighted gpa which would qualify and it is not on the transcript, I would definitely reach out to Admissions and discuss. Yes; you receive $7k from the University for a 3.0 GPA and 22ACT. In addition; some of the colleges ( I know business and engineering for sure) also have additional scholarships for certain GPA and standardized test score levels. The minimums are higher than the University threshold, but nothing outrageous. You can get another $3k from the business school for a 3.5 GPA and 24 ACT. There are higher level awards for higher scores. WVU is very generous with merit scholarships.