<p>My daughter has been offered a full scholarship for musical instrument performance at Juilliard. Her other option is to pursue a dual degree in music performance and engineering at someplace like Rochester/Eastman (she has been admitted, but with a more limited scholarship. The dilemma or real question is, what are her chances of getting a real orchestra job upon graduation from either Juilliard or Eastman? Real meaning not having to teach or have another job to have a reasonable lifestyle? I fear that chances are slim and that it makes more sense to pursue the dual degree in order to have a non-musical career in place upon graduation. On the other hand, it is Juilliard, which you would think might be worth something. Any thoughts? </p>

<p>I don’t know the answer, and I’m not sure there is one, unless you mean statistically. But a hearty CONGRATULATIONS for what I assume is the Kovner Fellowship. Most of us dreamt of this, but alas… Your talented daughter is one of the fewer than few.</p>

<p>As to “the odds,” a career as a performer is a leap in the dark even with the best preparation. A lot can happen. If safety and soberness is paramount to you, a degree in any performance major will seem like a version of dreamer’s folly. This cannot be a decision based a safe route.
Your daughter already beat the odds in spades. I know some will say it is a simple matter of talent plus rigorous preparation. But we know there is an element of serendipity in life, and for performers it looms larger than for, say, physicians.
How to proceed? Your child and the whole family will have to make a decision that makes sense to you. But again- WOOHOO!!!</p>

<p>Thanks 205mom, appreciate your thoughts and congrats. It is a Kovner, which is of course a huge honor and accomplishment for her. I hear what you are saying on performance/career aspect. We think we have plans that can work either way and have happy endings, but we are fortunate and blessed that she has some very good options to choose from. I’m sure the direction and path will all be much clearer for us soon, but thank you again, you are very kind.</p>