GPA - 3.35 UW 3.85 W
3 AP classes and 5 IB classes
AP exams U.S. History:3 World History: 4
ACT: 31 E:35 M:29 R:31 S:27
3 year varsity cross country (Sophomore-Senior)
Freshman soccer
3 years of spring track (Sophomore-Senior)
150 hours of tutoring for younger kids
Worked at local camp for 4 weeks over the summer (Freshman & Sophomore year)
Refereed local recreational soccer games over the fall (fFreshman-Senior)
IB Career program
Very tough New Jersey high school

Do you think I could get scholarship? If so how much

Yes probably between 10,000-20,000

Here’s the breakdown >>> Ask your HPU Admissions Counselor at HPU to give you an idea of where you fall/ if you have the chance to increase your scholarship at all! Sometimes, an increase in GPA or scoring higher on another SAT/ACT can make all the difference!