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Hello, I am a Junior in High school and am possibly looking at attending Iowa State. I would like to attend for engineering, not 100% sure what type but most likely either electrical or mechanical. I have a 3.5 unweighted with primarily all honors or AP classes. I also have a 30 ACT composite with a 31 in Math and Science, 30 in English and 29 in Reading. I researched the Automatic scholarships that Iowa State offers OOS students(I’m from Illinois) but was wondering if those applied to Engineering, along with the admission requirements applying to engineering as well. I know some schools have different standards for admission/scholarships for their engineering college, but was wondering how Iowa State worked.

Thank you!

@ALewis3 I can only speak from my son’s experience (he is also an OOS from AL) planning to study ME this fall. When he applied, he got an immediate response of acceptance to the university. He received the posted/automatic scholarship from the university and additional scholarship money from the engineering department. If I am not mistaken, he received his letter a week or so later from the college of engineering. Hope this helps! The ISU forums are not as active as some. Hopefully others with more experience will chime in. I have read where a number of students from IL end up going to ISU. Good luck!

@ALewis3 - Our experience three years ago for our OOS engineering student was the same as @1stCollBound. The auto scholarship applied and then we got an additional scholarship from engineering. I don’t know the requirements for the college of engineering scholarship. Our son had a 33 composite ACT score.

How much was the additional scholarship? Thanks!

@ALewis3 My son received $5,000/yr from the engineering dept. He also had a 33 ACT (34 super scored, however I don’t think ISU super scores).

My understanding is that the Illinois automatic scholarships apply to all students in all majors. My son is attending this fall and received the Adventurers scholarship. He was right at a 3.5 GPA, and ended up with a 3.48, so I was glad for the extra cushion there! He is a Computer Science major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He applied for additional scholarships within the LAS dept. and received an additional $1,500 for the first 2 years.

Hello! My d just got her admission letter from ISU (College of Engineering). She is OOS, ACT 34, UW GPA as of end of junior year is 3.87. We are glad she has one admit under her belt, but were hoping to see some kind of automatic scholarships in their letter. Are auto university scholarships and department specific scholarships awarded only after student submits 1st sem gpa of senior year? Or can we expect to see /hear from them in the next few weeks? Thanks in advance for your replies!

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@UWfanmom - Things could have changed, but four years ago my OOS son was admitted in mid July with similar statistics. If I remember correctly, he got his university scholarship letter after Labor Day and his engineering scholarship letter in later October.
It seems like only yesterday that he was excited to have one college admission under his belt. It really took the pressure off. He was later admitted to home-state schools Arizona and Arizona State, and also Alabama, and Michigan State. After all the visits, he picked Iowa State. Now he’s graduating in December with a degree in Materials Engineering!
Enjoy the process and good luck to you and your daughter!

@ Beaudreau - Thank u so much for your input. Yes, it definitely has taken the pressure off of her. Its good to know we havent missed any scholarship awards as yet. We will look forward to some aid over the next few months. The fact that your son chose ISU over his other options, says a lot about ISU’s engineering program. Congratulations to him on his upcoming graduation! Thanks again for taking the time to reply. ?

My D also just received her acceptance as well. We are going to the experience ISU day in a couple of weeks to visit the school. For our instate school (Purdue), she won’t know until January if she get’s accepted there so we actually don’t know if she will be applying anywhere else assuming she likes ISU. We’ve looked at other schools and one that was high on her list she now doesn’t even want to apply to anymore. Her choices might really come down to only two schools.

After we get back from the visit we will then decide on next steps. We do see where she falls on the automatic scholarships so I’m assuming we’ll get more information later on that.