Scholarships and Financial Aid

Hey all,
I just got my letter of admittance a few days back. I was deferred since my junior year grades (specifically my math grade) were terrible due to unfortunate personal circumstances (I explained this to an admissions officer during an interview and wrote about it in my optional personal statement on the application), and had to submit seventh semester grades. Everything’s much better now, so I was able to really do well so far this year and got an acceptance letter within the week the senior grades were sent.

Bottom line: My UW is 3.75 (W 4.8) and ACT is a 34. I have shown as much demonstrated interest as possible and have kept in touch with the admissions officer that I interviewed with as well. All that said, does anyone know how much I can expect from merit-based scholarships? Has anyone here ever been deferred and received a good financial package?