Scholarships and Grants for Past Foster Kids


I have a few questions and would love advice. I am finishing up my last class in a University in Maryland. My student loan bills are projected to be very high even as a pell grant recipient. My dad passed away at age 12 and I was in foster care for some time until was taking in by extended family until I was 18. I went straight to college and made a living working full time and taking loans. Found out after starting college, that I was qualified for a state grant that would have covered tuition, but it was too late to apply since I was no longer in high school. I was devastated my high school advisor never informed me about it. Working many in high school to help pay senior expense and college deposits, I only landed one scholarship, never had time to apply to more. I just landed my first big girl job, but not having help from a parental figure to make adjustment is starting to become an impossible task. I asked an Aunt to let me stay and she is charging rent ( she’s low income so I can’t blame her) I came across info on scholarships for foster recipients and children never adopted. Can you get scholarships post grad to put towards loan bills? Any you all recommend or advice on how to manage these loans? any voucher programs to help pay for this last class I am taking at a community college.


You would ask at your CC if they have any voucher program. I know that there are waivers very frequently given to low income students (BOG waivers) in my state, CA.

Yes it was unfortunate that your GC did not know about the foster care grants almost every state has. Even the financial aid at UMD should have been able to help with that. You didn’t try to appeal the case? I would have worked hard on that. Even now you might start with your State Congressman’s office.

But in addition, it didn’t look like you were steered toward affordable colleges for what must have been a 0 EFC. There are many colleges that give high performing 0 EFC students a need based full ride. And you get extra consideration for your hardship circumstance. Unfortunately GCs don’t usually give financial aid advice, just college advice.

But yes, if you don’t apply to scholarships especially pre college but also each year, then you are surely not going to get them. It is really a shame again because you were in a position to get some.

I do not believe there is any such thing as after-the-fact scholarships or scholarships to pay loans. But I would contact people to try to see if there is any way to get some help. It seems sad that a student would be saddled with debt because they didn’t have any parental guidance. All I can think of is your congressman’s office, the State foster care agency…hopefully people here will have other suggestions.

Hi srussel

Are you a Maryland resident?

If yes and you are under 21, you may still be eligible for an ETV grant for students in or formerly in foster care.

does any of this apply to you:

I hope this helps, good luck to you

You most likely will not be able to get money post grad to pay your loans but you should talk to your loan servicer about being placed on IBR (income based repayment plan), where your loan payments will be based on your income. also remember if you work in public service you may be eligible to have your loans forgiven after 10 years of consecutive payments.