Scholarships and other ?'s

<p>We were shocked and thrilled today when my D got another scholarship offer in the mail from Alfred which they said was in addition to the very generous initial portfolio scholarship! She was awarded the Miller Portfolio Scholarship in today's letter. I didn't think you could recieve more than 1 scholarship, but the letter specifically states that it is in addition to the original one. We are so proud of her! She also has to maintain a 2.75 gpa freshman year, and then a 3.0 thereafter.</p>

<p>Spiffy, thank you for answering my ?'s in the pm! I've tried to respond via pm 3 times, but it keeps logging me out when I hit send.</p>

<p>We are going out for the accepted students day on 3/23 so that she can attend a class and stay the night with an art student before the Open House on the 24th. I really hope she likes it! Her pottery teacher is an Alfred alumni and keeps talking it up to her. I will ask if we can have our tour with your daughter if she will be working that day.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if art students have the time to participate in varsity sports? My D has been on swim teams since she was 7, but wonders if there will be time since art can be so time consuming. </p>

<p>Also any lodging suggestions for our visit?</p>


<p>We got the same letter today, and our reaction was the same as yours. Congrats</p>

<p>same to you! Have you visited?</p>

<p>We are going on the 24th as well. Alfred has been his first choice for a while, and if it were up to him he would have decided to go there the minute he got his acceptance. I'm the one that told him to wait until he visits. </p>

<p>I'd seen on the common data sets that last year 16 out of 120 BFA students that attended Alfred got the portfolio review scholarships, but I have no idea how many of the 16 got the additional money. </p>

<p>My DS has a friend that is also pretty sure she will attend, and she had received the initial scholarship as well. As of yesterday she did not receive the additional scholarship.</p>

<p>That is great that this is his clear first choice and he has received such a great package!! Does he know which area he wants to concentrate in yet? D wants ceramics, but is also interested in taking some glass classes. She is still undecided on her top choice school, so this upcoming visit will be key.</p>

<p>We prefer the Comfort Inn in Hornell, the free breakfast is good & the rooms are nice, there is an indoor pool. If you belong to "Choice Privileges" you can collect points by staying at their chains of hotels and occasionally get a free night. We book through Choice Privileges and use the AAA discount. Only drawback is the train goes by the Comfort Inn during the night... Hornell has freight trains.. We also accumulated the points by staying at the Econo Lodge in Hornell, not as nice, but cheaper. </p>

<p>My student is not in the School of Art & Design, many of her friends are. Freshman year can be tough with "Art Foundations" she said. They have to work very hard, and some do not make the cut, they drop out.</p>

<p>Thanks slumom! Also can you tell me where the closest public transportation to/from campus is if she wanted to travel to Syracuse or Albany?</p>

<p>Alfred</a> University : Community : Area Services</p>

<p>Here is a very helpful and informative page from AU's website. </p>

<p>My student always gets a ride home from another student at breaks and we meet up somewhere. At one semester break everybody had left before her so my H and I drove there and back in one day. (left at 4:00 AM, got home at 11:00 PM). I did observe some students standing on a corner and I asked my D what they were doing? She told me they were waiting for a bus to take them to NYC. So, yes, out in the boonies, but not cut off from the rest of the world! :)</p>

<p>MY DD is a junior at AU in Art and Design. She did not get a portfolio award, but did get the President's scholarship of $10000 a year (needs to maintain a 3.0) and a housing grant of $2000/year. There's also an alumni loan program.
Foundations can be very stressful, but there have been athletes that successfully did both.</p>

<p>One more thing- Freshmen in Art and Design all take Foundations. It explores many areas of art and many find they like something they never considered before.You do not get to choose individual classes like ceramics or glass until Soph. year. You do get to choose which Art History classes you take Fresh. yr.</p>

<p>If you take the tour at Alfred, ask if Devon is available-she works as a tour guide!</p>

<p>Devon will be doing the bike tour on 3/24 at AU. Say hello!</p>