Scholarships at UCF

<p>Im a rising senior and I recently submitted the application to UCF.
I have a 4.7 Weighted GPA (my school, not the one that the college calculates), and a 1320 SAT. 2030 if you count writing.</p>

<p>Therefore, I qualify for the highest bright futures but there's still housing costs.</p>

<p>Does anyone know how generous UCF is with scholarships/Financial Aid as my EFC is very low?</p>

<p>Anyone have a list of all the scholarships and how much money they award?</p>

<p>UCF has Pegasus Scholarships that everyone is automatically considered for when they apply. There's different levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold. Last time I checked, Gold was $20 k over four years but I think the amount may have increased. Not sure. Bronze is $5k over four years, and I believe Silver is $10k over four years.</p>