Scholarships at UofM

<p>Does anyone know if you can receive both an academic scholarship and a talent scholarship at UofM?</p>

<p>Not sure. I have only heard of people in the musical theater dept receiving talent scholarships. Perhaps this is because the university admissions office first vets each application for academic credentials and then, if you pass, you are invited to audition and THAT decides whether or not you get in. Grades and scores are part of the first round that gets you through the door. But talent and accomplishment and fitting the Michigan "vibe" is what determines if you will join the incoming class.</p>

<p>I don't think so unless you also apply to other college/school for double degree program. There is a Stamps scholarship which is academic based. Two freshmen in school of Music, Dance & Theatre will be awarded the scholarship. The student receives $10,000/yr from the University and the school of Music will match at least that amount. I am speaking from OOS point of view and for the type of scholarships that all admitted students are under consideration. If you are in-state, you may be eligible for other scholarships. Of course there are other scholarships that require separate application.</p>

<p>The best merit scholarship at UM is Shipman (free ride) which is academic based. But I don't know if the students in school of Music are considered. One of the criteria for Shipman is "2/1 admission". By that, does it mean that you have to be admitted by 2/1 or if your application has to be complete by 2/1? Either way, it posts a problem for Music majors since most students will audition after 2/1. Maybe you should ask the Music school this question. Younker is the person that you should contact. I will be curious to know what the answers are.</p>

<p>I was under the impression that only 2 or 3 MT students get talent scholarships every year. The other scholarships are based on financial need. I am curioius as to what the "vibe" is that determines one making the freshman class. We have several close friends currently in the MT program and they are not aware of this "vibe".</p>

<p>mwmtmom, perhaps I used the wrong word when I said "vibe." :) But it's difficult to describe in words that thing that makes a school want one kid and another reject him or her. It can't be ONLY talent and accomplishment, as I think we would all acknowledge that many more talented and accomplished kids audition for each and very respected MT program each year. If talent and accomplishment were the whole story, then every good program would accept the same kids. But that doesn't always happen. In fact, I don't think it even usually happens. On this list and elsewhere, we hear about kids who are accepted to some places and not others, and it seems to make no sense from the outside. But it <em>does</em> make sense to the adjudicators who are making the decisions. <em>They</em> know what they are looking for and what kids are likely to best fit into their program and their approach. As a result (and teachers anywhere will tell you this to back me up), each and every class of students (whether in elementary school or high school or college!) has a certain personality and feeling. This is a longwinded way of saying that, like all schools, Michigan knows what it's looking for and when they see it, they accept the kid and when they don't, that kid is not accepted. However, that kid may well fit perfectly with the "vibe/sensibility/etc" at another great school and be accepted there. Sorry for any confusion! I sure didn't mean to offend anyone!</p>

<p>Need to add that when I said "It can't be ONLY talent and accomplishment, as I think we would all acknowledge that many more talented and accomplished kids audition for each and every respected MT program each year," I <em>meant</em> to say "... I think we would all acknowledge that many more talented and accomplished kids audition for each and every respected MT program than each program can accept." The author regrets the error. :)</p>

<p>Having recently gone to the Scholarship Showcase at Umich and looking in the program, there are numerous scholarhips - merit,need based and talent available. In my Son's junior class of 21, 10 of them receive some form of scholarshp. There are undergraduate merit scholarships, need -based scholarships, full rides and many talent ones. Some students have more than one scholarship awarded. There were many other mt students listed as recipients.</p>


<p>Need-based scholarship excluded, are there any students who receive both academic and talent scholarships? For those students who receive both, are there any freshmen? Or are some scholarships awarded after freshman year? I am interested to know because even though D receives a large amount of academic scholarship (enough to cover COA for in-state, but too little for OOS), I am wondering if it is possible for her teachers to nominate her for talent scholarship after freshman year.</p>