Scholarships for OOS

From reading previous threads, it seems like scholarships are hard to get here. I am from OOS (not bordering Arkansas) and I know I can get the non-resident tuition scholarship which would be about $12,000 With a 3.8 GPA and 1420 SAT (32 ACT), will I be competitive enough for the other freshmen scholarships? Uark is one of my dream schools, but I’m worried about the cost. If I don’t get scholarships I won’t be able to come here.

i don’t like that i can’t delete stuff on this board so if you will PM me, i’ll give you some info.

My D20 is running into this. She was able to procure the NRTA scholarship but is still awaiting decisions about additional aid.

My S20 received the NRTA as well (not bordering AR), and he qualifies for the Legacy OOS which is just a little higher than NRTA, but we haven’t heard anything about other aid yet. (4.3 GPA/31 ACT)