scholarships for Wellesley College students

My daughter fell in love with Wellesley College, applied ED, has been accepted, and is now a member of the class of 2024. Wellesley College provided no financial aide so we are now looking for outside resources that are not need based. Anyone have success or suggestions. We are completely middle class with 3 kids in college in the fall.

Just to understand…you applied for aid and did not receive any? Is Wellesley affordable if your D does not receive outside scholarships?

It is late to be looking for scholarships for the fall…especially the larger and/or renewable ones (which are very competitive). The reality is that most financial aid comes from the colleges themselves.

Start with your D’s guidance counselor who may know of local scholarships. But, most of those are likely to be relatively small $ amounts (as compared to Wellesley full COA) and/or non-renewable.

Did you run the MyinTuition Cost Estimator before your D applied? And if so, did it indicate you would receive need-based aid? If the results indicated she would receive need-based aid, you should talk to Financial Aid to determine if an error was made in her financial aid application.

Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult at this time (or really any time) to get significant grants or scholarships. My D applied for lots of local scholarships, and won several, but the total amount was less than $2,000, and was for her first year only.