Scholarships from SAT score?


<p>I should get roughly a third of my fees from the school I'm applying to's scholarship but then I need to make up two thirds of the fees (around $20,000) and I'll be an international student who needs to pay for plane tickets home. Arghhhh!</p>

<p>So basically, any ideas on scholarships based purely on your SAT score?</p>

<p>Thanks. (:</p>

<p>The Robert C Byrd Honors Scholarship is based on SAT scores coupled with grade point average (at least in CAlifornia). It is for $1500/year for 4 years. However, it is a federally funded scholarship that is administered by individual states, so I doubt that international students are eligible.</p>

<p>Byrd Scholarship is federally funded, so no int'l students</p>


<p>Who May Apply: (by category) Individuals</p>

<p>Who May Apply: (specifically) High school graduates who have been accepted for enrollment at institutions of higher education (IHEs), have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, and show promise of continued academic excellence may apply to states in which they are residents. The Department provides grant funds to states on a formula basis.</p>

<p>An eligible student applicant must, during the same secondary academic year in which the scholarship is to be awarded: (1) be a graduate of a public or private secondary school or have received the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma (GED); (2) be a legal resident of the State in which he or she applies; (3) be a U.S. citizen or national of the United States or have evidence from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service that he or she is a permanent resident or is in the United States for other than a temporary purpose; (4) has applied or been accepted for enrollment at an institution of higher education; (5) certify that he or she is not ineligible to receive assistance as a result of default on a Federal student loan or other obligation; and (6) file, with the school that he or she plans to attend, a Statement of Selective Service Registration Status. A student attending a military academy is ineligible to receive a Byrd scholarship.</p>

<p>Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that if a person is an int'l student, that he pretty much needs to expect to pay his own way. There might be some private funds available, but probably not for as much as some seem to need.</p>

<p>Our annual income (if step-parent is included) is less than $45000 but I don't think it's even that high. If step parent isn't included, it's probably less than $10000. If I could pay for it, I definately would. :S Thanks for the help though. :)</p>

<p>You may be able to demonstrate "need," but as an international student, funding is hard to come by.</p>

<p>Do you live in the US now? Are you here on a visa?</p>

<p>Yeah, I understand that. An awful lot of bad luck. D:</p>

<p>And I don't, I'm in the UK. </p>

<p>I found a list of some schools that give financial aid to internationals and conveniently, they were all the most difficult to get into.</p>

<p>Sorry, thought this was my thread. xD Ignore above post. ^</p>

<p>Know what you're going through though - in the same situation.</p>

<p>My U.S. citizen daughter can't get one red cent of financial aid at Oxford either, so....? Just sayin'....</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies. :) And R124687 - we don't 'do' financial aid in the same way as the US. We get loans, if we're lucky, most of the time. Most students struggle on the loans they do get.</p>

<p>Just like most students in the US!!! :D</p>

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<p>maybe you don't understand F/A in the US either. In the US, F/A is mostly loans, too. Only a tiny number of universities (such as the ivies) can afford to give out free grants to those with lowish incomes. An overwhelming number of colleges in the US make a big deal out of giving out F/A packages which consist mostly of student loans. Which is why I have this disdain for colleges that advertise that they have generous F/A packages...when they really aren't giving you anything but a paper with loan info.</p>

<p>Oxford, I suppose, is our version of an Ivy school though and therefore people expect the same as the US Ivies where grants are available. "The same way as the US" should have been "Ivies" - my mistake. It's not my fault, personally, that Oxford don't give out grants, nor is it your fault colleges in the US don't. I didn't come on here to be attacked & I'm sorry for the offence the thread seems to have caused. (:</p>

<p>I think some get offended because many int'ls want to come to the US for college, but they want someone else to pay for it. The anger is that Americans know that if their own children tried to go to school in other countries, their kids would get matter how poor they were.</p>

<p>Perhaps another annoyance is this...many foreign countries and their citizens put forth a distain for the US through their surveys, polls, articles, policy positions, etc. :( Yet, their kids come crawling here for their education and some want the US to pay for it, too. To many Americans, that sounds like bratty neighbors that constantly put you down, but then come asking for favors.</p>

<p>So, I think you can understand why some Americans get upset when int'ls want aid to go to school here.</p>

<p>I do wish you the best. There are probably some schools here that you could attend and pay outright. Are you looking into them?</p>