Scholarships with Intended Major Requirements?

<p>First, sorry if this isn't placed in the right place. I had a question about scholarships with intended major requirements, mainly, what if I change my mind? I'm holding off on applying to scholarships that say, "for intended CS majors" or "intended Econ majors" because I'm not set in stone for either one (and I was under the impression that most college students, even those who are set on a career path, change their mind on a major at some point). </p>

<p>How do these scholarships work exactly? For example, if I wanted to apply for a scholarship for intended CS majors, do I actually have to finish with the degree? Or do I just have to display interest by taking classes in the subject, which I know I will?</p>

<p>Usually majoring in the specified major is required and progress within the major in required. If you change your major, then the award stops. You usually do not owe for the earlier awards.</p>

<p>Since the awards are often from the actual dept, they expect you to major in that…not just take some classes in it. </p>

<p>However, contact the schools that you’re talking about to find out what their policies are.</p>

<p>Sorry, I was mainly talking about outside scholarships that have this requirement, not scholarships through the school itself. Even though I think I want to major in CS, I wouldn’t want to apply for and possibly get a one-time scholarship for it, and then change my mind in the future. Thank you though, I’ll just try contacting the individual scholarships and see their policies on the matter</p>