<p>Just wanted to let you all know that I got my scholarship offers today. I got in late-September but I'm guessing they should be rolling out for everyone soon.</p>

<p>Got mine today as well. $8,000/yr at the business school.</p>

<p>I got mine too... very strange that I got Presidential for both SAS and Pharmacy (which I believe is the most competitive?) while I only got $10,000 per year for Engineering (the one I want to enroll in). Still happy to have about half cost of attendance though.</p>

<p>Got mine today. Applied in late November. Got presidential to SAS, Engineering and Business. </p>

<p>And yet, I'd trade them all for a princeton acceptance.... oh well. deferred</p>

<p>Ranked 1/450
SAT 2270 (700CR, 770M, 800WR)
Varsity Track and XC Captain, NHS Secretary</p>

<p>Presidential Scholar to SAS, Engineering, and Pharmacy!</p>

<p>I'll probably be attending too</p>

<p>What are all your stats? whats the chances of someone with a 1750 - 1800 SAT for SAS NB in getting any scholarships whatsoever. and a topp 10% rank. I got accepted in the beginning of november and havent gotten anything about scholarships :(</p>

<p>So if I didn't hear anything about merit aid/scholarship by now, I'm not getting any?</p>

<p>^ my sentiments exactly =/</p>

<p>I hope we get something.</p>

<p>Compared to the ivys/top colleges (where id like to go...) rutgers is soo inexpensive (even w/o scholarships). Now my parents said that theyd buy me a car if i went to RU...</p>

<p>I got...
Pharm- Scarlet $3,500<br>
SAS- Trustee $16,000
SEBS- Trustee $16,000</p>

<p>Top 1% class rank, 2270 SAT and a lot of extracurriculars - and I only got the Carr scholarship ($10,000 to SAS). Have to say I'm kind of disappointed. I might ask them to reconsider or something.</p>

<p>johring- my parent said the same thing! since I live about 30 min away from new Brunswick my parents said they'd get me a nice car if I took the presidential and went there :) still, I'm hoping for some better schools but we'll see. I need to save money for med school anyway so this wouldn't be so bad especially now with the RWJ merger. </p>

<p>presidential in SAS, SEBS, and pharm
4.0 UW 4.6 W
top 1-2% (don't know exact rank)
solid extra curriculars (but I think this is a purely stat based scholarship...)</p>

<p>i'm really confused as to how rutgers's schools are awarding the presidential scholarships. i didn't receive anything for pharm, got 10K for SAS, and got 16K for business. originally i chalked it up to me having a lower GPA (4.11W) and a high SAT score (2390) but some of my friends with higher GPAs and similar SATs (2350s) received similar offers, and some of our other friends with lower GPAs and lower SATs received presidential scholarships. we all live in-state. i really don't understand what the heck rutgers is doing. rutgers was my financial safety, and i most certainly am not attending rutgers if i have to pay for it. that sounds so snobby but honestly i'd rather take loans for a school that i like than pay for a school like RU that i'll hate. :\ and what's even weirder is that several other states' state schools have offered me full scholarships, but not my own state school. -___-</p>

<p>Wow Lily... I'm kind of confused too. I only had a 2220 SAT score, yet I received Presidential at SAS and Pharm. I just applied to Pharm, so I'd have three schools, and I wasn't even sure I'd get accepted there let alone get ANY merit aid. My first choice was Engineering, which I received 10k from. Seems strange since Pharm is much more competitive than Engineering from what I understand.</p>

<p>Presidential Scholarships at Pharm and SAS, 2340 SAT 3.73 GPA. </p>

<p>I have to give it up though -_-</p>

<p>is it possible for another round of scholarships once some that were awarded the initial money choose other schools?</p>

<p>How did you find out if you received a scholarship? Did they send an email or was it on the Rutgers status page?</p>

<p>I was accepted into pharmacy yesterday, but I doubt I'll get the presidential because I had a 4.0+ GPA but a 33 ACT :/</p>