I am finishing up my college applications and need to start applying for scholarships. However I don’t know the first place to to start. Can y’all recommend any good websites or other places where I can search for and apply to scholarships?

The best scholarships come from the schools themselves. Are you applying for financial aid at the same time you are submitting applications?

Check with your school counselor to see if he/she has a list of local scholarships. Then check local credit unions, PTA, our electric cooperative has one, realtor associations, and non-profit groups in town such as Kiwanis or Lion’s Club. Also, a lot of the elementary schools in our town have scholarships for graduating seniors who went through their school (usually small but every bit helps). Agree with above that DS best scholarship offers so far have been what the colleges themselves have to offer.

It is very late in the application season to be just finishing up applications for schools when you need scholarships. Many schools’ scholarship deadlines are in mid-Oct-Nov.

Where are you applying? What do the schools’ websites state? What are your stats? Are you looking for scholarships based on need or on merit?

fastweb and cappex are websites that are helpful for finding outside scholarships. Good luck!