<p>anyone hear from 4th generation trojan, SCion, town and gown, or any alumnae scholarships yet?</p>

<p>I did from my local alumni association</p>

<p>do they tell you the scholarships you received when you get your acceptance letter? because i haven't heard from SC yet but i had an interview for town and gown in the end of february and they said they have to see if i'm into the school before they let me know if i got the scholarship.</p>

<p>the only reason i found out was because i emailed them to tell them i was admitted, hoping it would help my chances, but they ended up just telling me what my award was in the response. but no, it doesn't come in your acceptance, no financial info does; it might come in your financial aid letter, but most likely it will be a separate letter all together from the town and gown people.</p>

<p>My D had an interview for the local Trojan League about a week ago.</p>