<p>So, I am just curious as to what kind of scholarships I might be able to expect here. I have a 33 ACT and 3.9 GPA, so I'm not doing too bad academically. I don't do any sports, by the way. Anyway, if anyone could post what kind of scholarships (maybe approximate amounts, if you're not shy) they got their freshman year, it would be really helpful!</p>

<p>I believe KU still has the Summerfield (for males) and Watkins-Berger (for females). These scholarships seem to be strongly based on ACT/SAT score and your score is very strong. The last I heard the scholarships were for $4,500 per year for all 4 years. This combined with how strong KU thinks your overall application is, can be combined with other scholarships to give you a really good package. My daughter was offered $10,000 a year for all four years due to National Merit Finalist status (turned it down, sadly!).</p>

<p>I'm from OOS and applied for scholarships at KU this year and was offered 4,500 a year, except for freshman year which had an extra 6,000. My ACT is 34 and my gpa is 3.9 UW with decent ECs. However my brother who had similar stats, but was a national merit finalist receives around 20k a year. So if your OOS your not going get that much, unless your a national merit finalist.</p>

<p>Receives $20K a year from KU?? It doesn't even cost $20K a year to attend if you are in-state. We had a daughter graduate from KU in 2008 and never paid more than $10K a year for tuition, housing (and she always lived in university housing - scholarship hall), food plan, etc. combined! My understanding is that they only offer NMF scholarships to Kansas students now. Call the admissions office - they will tell you right up front what you would be eligible for.</p>

<p>Thank you for the quick responses! I thought this thread was dead!
I am in-state, so hopefully that will help me qualify for more scholarships.
I received notification that I am being considered for the Watkins-Berger Scholarship, so fingers crossed, but I was wondering (and realllllllly hoping) if I might be able to get more.
I applied before the priority deadline and was supposed to hear my scholarship notification early January, but it still has not arrived. Has any body else received theirs?</p>

<p>I know one student has received $4500/annual scholarship ... and also up for the Watkins-Berger - not sure how much more that would be. I've heard you need strong grades, Test scores - but essays also count a lot. Our counselors say it's hard to predict who gets and who doesn't - so they think it has a lot to do with the essays.</p>

Receives $20K a year from KU?? It doesn't even cost $20K a year to attend if you are in-state. We had a daughter graduate from KU in 2008 and never paid more than $10K a year for tuition, housing (and she always lived in university housing - scholarship hall), food plan, etc. combined!


<p>According to the KU website, tuition for the 2009-2010 school year is $7360. Housing is estimated at $6854. Add in books, fees, and other incidentals and it is very possible to approach $20,000. In fact, KU puts the estimated cost of attendance at $20,200: KU:</a> Office of Student Financial Aid</p>

<p>Woah! Expenses have gone up! Our D attended from 2004-2008, so graduated a year and a half ago. We NEVER paid more than $5,000 per semester for everything combined. She lived in a scholarship hall and they are cheaper (and a LOT nicer) than the regular dorms.</p>

<p>I still don't think I've ever seen KU give out a $20K a year scholarship to anyone, but maybe it happens!</p>

<p>My son is a junior, lives in a scholarship hall and his bill this year (room, board, tuition, fees) ran about $12,000. His scholarships (including Summerfield) paid for $11,000 of it. Because he doesn't have a car on campus, his living expenses are minimal and his part time job pretty much covers them all. Twenty thousand would be a pretty liberal scholarship.</p>

That is very helpful to know how much his expenses are. Do you think there is any special reason why his is so much lower than the estimate on KU's website? (They estimate $20k/yr.) I know the scholarship halls are about $4k cheaper, but was there anything else he did?</p>

<p>KU has a 4 year tuition compact, your tuition rate does not change for 8 consecutive semesters, great for budgeting costs. This means that each class of students (fr, soph, jr, sr) will have a different tuition rate depending on when they started, so onemoreyear's S is paying tuition based on the rate for Fall'07. My S is a soph and will pay the Fall'08 rate for his 4 years. KU charges by the credit, so tuition will also vary with the number of credits taken each semester. Good luck.</p>

<p>2008-2009</a> Tuition & Fees</p>

<p>I pulled up his last bill and here is how it was broken down (this is for one semester):</p>

<p>Room Charge--$1400
Meal Plan--$885
Campus Fees--$423
Tuition (based on '07 rate)--$3408
Engineering Fees--$309</p>

<p>I looked at KU's estimated costs to see what the difference might be. Well, he doesn't own a car so there is a $2000 expense he doesn't have. I don't know what his living expenses are but his minimum wage job, 18-20 hours a week, seem to cover them because he never asks for money. I don't think his books have ever cost more than $400 a year but he borrows a lot of them from friends who have already taken the courses (he lends a lot out as well)--this is a benefit of living in the schol. hall--or he buys them used and much cheaper on line. </p>

<p>I highly recommend the schol. halls. He has loved living there, has made some very close friends and the benefits are wonderful (there is always food in the fridge and coffee in the pot for the students--just like home--so he never goes hungry--even at 2 in the morning when he is cramming for a test.) Plus it is a lot cheaper.</p>

<p>Hope this helps and good luck with the scholarships.</p>

<p>That was a ton of help! Thank you very much!</p>