<p>I wanted to ask if any good visual arts schools give scholarships?on wht basis do these schools give scholarships?wht are their requirements?</p>

<p>I should shut up since I haven't done anything for real but check "squee" thread in the page 2, exciting saga of mostly parents of class of 2014 or HS 2010 acceptance and $ result.
read fammom's economicky analysis in art school aids on thread page 2. It deserve to be published.
here is my summary assuming you mean "good school" by expensive private, general reputation, solid facility, couple star alumni etc.</p>

<p>for chunk of merit aid
1. academic (besides art) grades, test scores (seriously)
1. (tie) solid portfolio
2. notable national awards (= seal of approval )
3. showing interest but not too much
4. wait until the very end to send decision if you can</p>

<p>for substantial need aid: more than just few K (= miracle)
1. all of the above
2. hardworking and well intended honest ( tax, marital status etc) but dirt poor household without shady-ness (criminal record, mental illness etc )
in our case, it won't help crying poor / no money being in upper East Manhattan even though there is this divide and we are in the poor side, outer town addcoms won't know the differences</p>

<p>Good luck!! really, we need it.</p>

<p>Thanks for the referral B and D. I am working on a list of independent scholarships for the high school art teachers and will post here also when ready. I think B and D is right about the importance of academics with strong portfolio for most of the schools. If you look at the squee thread you will see that having both improved the odds of significant scholarships. All of my son's friends in IB and AP art that chose to go to art schools or art programs in Universities did well scholaship and financial aid wise, but the most generous school, consistently, has been MICA. It may be our location and they know the quality of the kids coming out of the school, but we just heard that the daughter of a friend in Europe managed to get significant merit aid from MICA (must be one and only school to do this for foreign students). State schools vary tremendously in their offers to out of state students. VCU offers good merit aid for good students and really good aid for those with very good grades and scores. OSU is very generous to minorities...Wisconsin gives very little to out of state students. RISD is famously stingy but did offer good merit aid to one of my son's classmates and the kid turned down the dual program and has decided to do Brown only (with only financial aid). Yes...imagine turning down the dual program....Kid is a Presidential scholar and has a really nifty portfolio...but it was the perfect SAT score not the portfolio that got him that merit aid...although I am sure he did a great bicycle.</p>

fammom, let me understand this, RISD did not give him any need aid or too tiny drops? I mean Brown would only give need based, kid is half poor, no?
My understanding was that they want this dual thing going well and would set some middle ground for those offered spots so they are sure to be able to attend.
If RISD is not cooperating here money wise, dual program will lose some of its true deserving best kids and end up only with rich kids who could pay or misguided enough ones to take on enormous loans for RISD portion of the tuition let alone take one more year longer to earn degrees which yet to be proven its value.
one more reason to add... gate keeping parents, alums with issues, (some) bikes, stingy aid even for the top of the crops.</p>

<p>there are always enough kids who would die to take the spot that someone declined.
unless everyone start counting money as good as you or see those bikes and be cynical enough to start wondering their decisions, its reputation is solid.</p>

<p>We found that Pratt was a bit more generous than MICA. Still, since their costs are a bit higher, so the final COA was about the same. MICA was quite specific about some of their merit aid being for academic reasons and I hear that they offer additional scholarships to returning students who do well. Hopefully, that could take care of inflation.</p>

<p>Alfred U was also very generous, and so much less money to begin with, that their final COA was the lowest for us. Like MICA, they kept adding awards as time went by and were specific about whether they were for portfolio strength or for academic excellence.</p>

<p>Parsons was a bit late but tried to sweeten the pot last week with several thousand more dollars in aid (did they not see the letter declining their offer of admission?). We also were surprised at the graduation ceremony when the principal announced kid's name for an award from RISD. Thanks for the book, RISD! LOL.
Plan at the moment is that she will go to MICA... but she shuns Krav maga class (our requirement for going to Baltimore) and has yet to find a summer job.
So we'll see.</p>

<p>Gmom thanks for broadening my vocabulary yet.
I had no idea what "krav maga" is... could be crab management? how to eat chesapeake bay cookout?
I had family friend in baltimore took me to a local joint that serve boiled crabs in bucket with mini hammer they dump on the table covered with newspaper.
America is a mystery. well, Martha Stewart magazine had "how to eat crab" step by step guide in current issue, I guess it is a mystery, too, for those Americans who bake immaculate tricolor desserts decorated for 4th of July.</p>

<p>Hold on Bears, I just googled krav maga and found out it's "the official self-defense of the Israeli Defensive Forces". </p>

<p>You could trust that, or maybe your little crab hammer, to protect you in Baltimore.</p>

<p>sure I did googled already while thinking about the crab hammer.... question is, did you know the word? have you ever heard of it?
then I was in the library and there on DVD shelf was "you don't mess with zohan" I saw the preview once and no intention of renting it but....
Israel rocks!!</p>

<p>No idea, I thought it was a typo.</p>

<p>Re: that post above about Brown/ the dual program...all the costs/financial aid fall to the Brown side of things. So in affect it's financially like you are attending Brown. </p>

<p>Krav younger son loves it. I get boys in my yard making stuff up acting like they are really doing it. To me it looks like the same kind of wrestling they did when they were 5.</p>

<p>my bad!!
you mean if parents make less than 40-50K, two or three years at RISD is free?
fammom, then what is the reason for this kid who turned it down?</p>

<p>I am sorry drae I keep forgetting little draemon is heading there. It is totally personal biased grudge, really, no offense.</p>

<p>here you go, from RISD/Brown FAQ:</p>

<p>"All tuition and financial aid for Dual Degree students will be figured at Brown rates for the duration of the Program, and students enrolled in the Program must pay no fewer than ten semesters of Brown tuition. If a student leaves the Program and continues at Brown, Brown rates will apply; if a student leaves the Program and continues at RISD, RISD rates will apply.
Financial aid for students admitted into the Dual Degree Program will be calculated according to the Brown formula."</p>

<p>This is why I was begging my son to apply to Dual. But he had enough of SAT's and Subject tests. He didn't want to retake and get those numbers up. He chose to focus on his portfolio instead.</p>

<p>Sorry for my grammar/word's "in effect" isn't it?</p>

<p>Well I see you've all discovered what Krav maga is, lol. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for self defense classes for the kid. She weighs all of 100 lbs soaking wet and I was imagining somebody picking her up, throwing her over their shoulder, and taking her away. Naturally she hates Krav maga (she's always been adverse to breaking a sweat -- she'd rather paint) but she goes several times a week with her Dad. I feel better that she will have some ability to extricate herself from a situation as well as have some self confidence.<br>
The area MICA is in isn't too bad, but the surrounding area is decidedly dicey.
She still doesn't have a summer job or her driver's license. But she's painting up a storm. I promised her that I will burn any more portraits of Johnny Depp (seriously...) and that she should consider what she needs to do for the continuing students' scholarship competition. Silly thing says to me, Mom, I'm going to be a freshman.... duh. Darling, I point out to her, you will be a continuing student (we hope) in the Fall...</p>

<p>exit laughing</p>