Scholorships and Iowa State Budget concerns

How concerned should we be with scholorships and the state of the budgets in Iowa? We are out of state and our daughter received a couple of scholorships (Gold and OOS). How concerned should we be that in future years those scholorships could be rescinded? Since we are out of state there is no way we could cover that tuition. I know this occurred last year with some scholorships but I dont think any of them were for OOS students.

When considering Iowa vs our other schools how much should I worry about this?

It is atypical for colleges to back away from scholarships that are typically renewed yearly for students already enrolled. More likely that they change the deal for incoming freshman.

From the University of Iowa website - ‘In the event there are reductions in state funding for the University of Iowa, support for institutional scholarships and grants may be impacted. If that happens, awards may be reduced accordingly within the academic year.’.

And here is the article from last year showing that yes they did it.

Wow, this hasn’t even been considered by us yet. Thanks for sharing. We are deciding between U of Iowa, Iowa State and University of New Mexico and $$ is the biggest factor.

The Iowa senate just passed a bill defunding $11 million from higher education which will mostly affect Iowa State and UofI. This is really poor policy making and I hope the Govenors office will reject the bill.

I am dreading talking to my daughter who had her heart set on attending UofI. I am not sure how I can go along with choosing UofI when there is a good chance of scholorships money being affected or at the very least a tuition increase.

@dd1107 do you gave an article to share? This is terrifying. How are we able to plan and make decisions wit this certainty.

Just google search ‘Iowa budget’ and there is no shortage of articles.

I wish I could ignore this or that someone would re-assure my fears. Maybe someone in admissions knows more? The Board of Regents may reduce pay and not touch scholarship money or some other solution will be found.

Perhaps we should reach out to admissions, financial aid, and of the school her kids were admitted into?