school admission trends

<p>i read somewhere that the number of kids applying to college will start declining soon. this must mean that fewer kids applying to boarding schools right now. is this true? it seems here that the demand for good prep schools is high.</p>

<p>I think the demand must still be rising/peaking. If you look at the numbers, many of the schools have reported record numbers again this year. My son's school reported a 20% rise in applicants for 9th and 1th grade.
When my older son applied to Exeter in 1999, they took 30%+ of their applicants. So you see, a super low admission rate does not define the school, it is merely a reflection of the number of applicants.</p>

<p>I don't think they're parallel, the demand for boarding schools and the demand for college. If they were, the demand for boarding schools wouldn't be rising, because this was the peak year for seniors, i.e., students born in 1990, and most boarding school applicants are three and four years younger:</p>

<p>I believe there is some correspondence in the numbers. College apps have been on the rise for the past few years and expected to max out in 2011. The population does not abruptly drop off after that, so I think it is not surprising to see large numbers of bs applicants this year (the 2012 class) as well. I wonder if the increasing difficulty in collegiate admissions has spurred more people into applying for bs hoping this will increase their chances for college?</p>

<p>my mom said that it's because the baby boomer's generation is older now and all of their children are in careers, college, high school</p>

<p>she said that it will be easier for my sister (and people younger than her) because there are less applicants since there are less parents to have kids</p>

<p>If you look at this pdf file, you will see the projected numbers for high school graduates in the US: Projections</a> of Education Statistics to 2012. The peak 3 years in order of size are: 2009, 2008 and 2010. After that, it starts to decline. However, keep in mind that the hs class of 2011 roughly compares with the hs class of 2007. It will be a few more years before relief is in sight from an applicant point of view.</p>

<p>I think boarding schools applications to some schools have been increasing for a variety of factors. This is an interesting discussion <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Here's an article about college trends.
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I agree there's some correspondence, I just don't think they're perfectly parallel in a strict supply-demand economics sense. I bet there's an economist out there who's studied the trend. Either way, time will tell!</p>

I was thinking that the number of applicants INCREASED because on the waitlist/rejection letters, most of the schools mention having "a record number of applicants."
Yeah, I don't know, just my input.

<p>I think that BS admissions are rising because of "no kid left behind" - but pull the smart kids back.
That is the only reason my parents would let me go</p>

<p>IMHO- I think that it is a combination of a couple of things: public schools cutting back on programs, especially those that are geared to brighter and gifted students. As well as, private schools becoming not only more generous with financial aid, but also getting the word out about the aid available. The New York Times had a story recently about schools offering aid. People are starting to understand that private schools are not just for the rich and connected anymore, but that they can offer opportunities to many students.</p>

<p>It will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of years in terms of applications. On the one hand you have exactly what chacha says - increased knowledge of FA availability, cuts in public schools. On the other hand, public school enrollment (at least here in New England) is down, and has been starting with the elementary schools, for a few years. It has translated into school closings, which prompts more people to leave the public schools. Now I do understand that students come for all over the world to the boarding schools, but it will be interesting to see (as BurbParent points out) how the general decline in students plays out in terms of admissions.</p>

<p>We also need to consider the economy. If the downward trend continues both colleges and boarding schools might find that more parents are reluctant to shell out big $. There are probably a few Bear Stearns families sweating that next tuition bill. For $40K per annum you can hire a lot of tutors, college advisors and personalized coaches and buy your kid a nice car. Not that I agree with or endorse that approach.</p>

<p>i know exeter's applicants INCREASED by 25% this yr. i may have something 2 do w/the $75,000 dollar income or less = free tuition thing</p>