School Chances?

<p>So I'm considering applying to a bunch of different schools. I really would like to get into Suffield, Blair, Choate, and Deerfield. I also would love to go to Andover or Exeter (it seems like everyone does) but I don't know if that's even possible. I'm apply for for 10th grade for the 2012-2013 year. My grades are:
Geometry (I took Algebra last year): A+
AP World History: A+
Earth Science (I took Living Enviroment): A+
Pre-AP English: A+
Gym: A+
Italian II- A+
(In general, I take the highest classes offered at my school and I get A+'s, but sometimes I get an A occasionally)
I do a bunch of extra curriculars. Such as;
Band (I take the band with the upperclassman instead of with the other freshman) Flute & Piccolo(6 years) (All-County band and a select band at this prestigious music school)
Orchestra(entire school orchestra, started learning bass)- Cello (5 years)
I'm learning guitar this year
Masterminds (Like Jeopardy)
Three Varsity Sports (Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, and I'm also a "varsity" swimmer outside of school)
I do the school musicals
I also do the school plays (no singing)
[Freshman can't join student council]</p>

<p>I'm also involved in my church and I do loads of community service because I really just enjoy helping people. I believe that's useful. I've always won a bunch of awards through out the years but I don't believe they're that important.</p>

<p>I want to know my chances because I do go to a public school. I'm white and female. I still have to take my SSAT's but I believe I have a really good chance for that. I'm super passionate about everything I do. I don't do them becuase it looks good, I do it becuase I sincerly love everything. I'm big into music and it's my passion and I love helping everyone around me. I'll always join any club just to try it out. I love writing, but yet again freshman can't write for the school's newspaper. I go to a public school in NY, so I'm thinking that might possibly reduce my chances. Anyway, what are my chances for some of the schools above? If you don't think I have a good shot at any of these, could you tell me what a good school would be? Thanks in advance! :)</p>

<p>Anyone? :(</p>

<p>So...BUMP is guess...:/</p>


<p>You have a chance man, you meet or exceed all the requirements a typical applicant would have (from my research) but don't take me for granted, there are probably hundreds like you, it all comes down to how you perform on your essays and interviews. Show your self, distinguish your self! </p>

<p>But then again, I am 2 years younger than you...</p>

<p>Still that's what I've heard from others over the past few months. Hope that helped (:</p>

<p>Sorry I meant 1 year.</p>

<p>Thank ya :)</p>

<p> seem super accomplished! And Italian?!?! omg! You definitely have a good chance of getting in, especially since less people apply for sophomore year. Chance me back? Thanks<3:)</p>