School Chances

I am a 8 grade student applying to Northfield Mount Hermon School, Peddie School, Deerfield Academy, Williston Northampton, and Cranbrooks School.
I am an international(KOREAN) student currently living in the US for the past five years.
My test scores are
SSAT: Verbal: 46%
Math: 89%
Reading: 78%
All: 75%
Toefl: 99</p>

<p>I currently average grade point average of 4.00 in my current school. I take Spanish & Band (Both 2 and a half years) along with regular my grade courses- Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science-Biology+ Earth Science. I already received credits for Geometry class and I am currently taking Algebra 2 Honors course.</p>

<p>For sports, I play soccer year around and run track in Spring. Independently, I also have been playing piano for 7 years.</p>

<p>My essays and interviews was fairly good too.</p>

<p>I know my chance on Deerfield Academy is low. But how are my chances are on other schools? </p>

<p>Thank You</p>

<p>You have a great chance at the other schools, good luck!</p>

<p>Thank You!</p>

<p>One More thing- I am applying for financial aid and I need at least 90% of the tuition paid by the school according to my Family's Financial Report. Would that affect my chances as an applicant? And what would be the possibility of me getting that much of aid? My parents said that even if I receive 50% of the aid, they would do everything they can to support me even though it will press a huge financial burden on them. All schools say that families whom cannot pay the whole tuition receive "Need based Aid". Is that completely true? I heard that even those scholarships are based upon the candidates merit, not need. For an international student like me, it is especially highly difficult to attain that grant.
Thank You for your time.</p>