School Choices within UT Austin (particularly engineering)

Hello! I’m considering to apply for UT Austin. Since there are many school choices, which one would be the best fit for chemical/biomedical engineering? I’m between the Cockrell School of Engineering and the College of Natural Sciences. While I am definitely interested in the STEM field, I am also kind of undecided on my major. Should I consider the School of Undergraduate Studies? I heard that switching majors would be difficult once I have decided on a certain school. What are some pros and cons to each?

Do NOT choose the school of undergraduate studies. Switching into engineering is very difficult. You should apply into Cockrell for biomedical engineering, with chemical engineering as your second choice. Neither of these majors are in CNS. If you realize you dislike engineering and want to do pure biology, chemistry, biochemistry, etc, you can switch into CNS later on in your first year easily. However, it’s not easy to go from CNS to Cockrell

Why is it difficult to switch between certain schools but not others? Are there certain requirements to switch? I’m doing pre-med undergrad, so I wanted to apply for something in CNS, but now reading this should I apply for Cockrell instead?

It’s because there is a really high demand for engineering, computer science and business. There very few slots that open up for students who want to transfer into these schools. Like stated go for engineering upfront because transferring later is next too impossible.

If you are set on premed , I would go CNS and do biology or chemistry . You need to get the best GPA you can for med school . I would not go into engineering as GPA will be lower and it’s just not necessary. I don’t know your stats but CNS should be a little easier to get into .