School Counted Community Service Hours

<p>I don't know about other schools, but our high school is really strict about community service. You cannot even attend senior prom until you've turned in 40 hours. And it also has to be service that attends the the "homeless, helpless or hungry". So things like playing piano at a nursing home do not count.</p>

<p>My question is, when colleges ask you to list your community service and number of hours for each, do they want a copy of the community service record from your school? Is my school the only one that tracks your service hours? I've done so many things I'm a junior and way past forty hours, so I just stopped turning them in. Should I go back and fill out all of those hours so I can include them on my applications, or does it not matter and applications are on the honesty system for community service?</p>

<p>It's on the honesty system. Which colleges check from time to time to account for discrepancies, exaggerated hours, and downright fabrications.</p>