School for Communications?

<p>GPA-89.5 Unweighted
SAT-1800 [560R, 660M, 580W]
Incredible Admissions Essay **[Seriously, from a stylistic and realistic point of view, I've had this approved by a few college advisors and English professors]
**Rigorous Schedule
all 4 years(3 APs, Two College Courses [Sociology/Calculus])
Good, Involved Extra Curriculars</p>

<p>I'm a highly interested Film student, but I'm looking to double major or use it as a minor, and major in Communications. My high choice is Emerson, and I'm looking at SUNY Schools (New Paltz, Purchase, Binghamton, Buffalo), Syracuse, Ithaca, Drexel, and Towson.</p>

<p>What are some other good fits for me? Some schools renowned as having good communications programs? What are some other schools similar to Emerson?</p>

<p>BUMP, no one can help me out here? :<</p>

<p>Quinnipiac, Indiana.....</p>

<p>BTW, does Binghamton have a communications major? Don't think so......</p>

<p>There's absolutely no reason you shouldn't look at Temple. Better film and com than Drexel for sure.</p>

<p>What about Hofstra University? Their Communication Majors Include:<br>
Broadcast Journalism
Film Studies/Production
Mass Media Studies
Print Journalism
Public Relations
Speech Communication & Rhetorical Studies
Video/Television & Business
Video/Television & Film</p>

Bing has film</p>