School Forms! Major Emergency. Is it too late?

<p>Hey guys! So, I wasn't 100% sure I would be applying to Columbia a the end of the semester, but after visiting the school I decided that I would love to go there more than anything in the world. Anyway, I unfortunately did not get my counselor to submit a school report/transcripts and I was wondering if it would be too late if I asked her to submit the forms when I get back to school from winter break (on January 9th)? Is it too late or will they be "forgiving?"
Be completely honest.</p>

<p>For my school anyways, the counselor rec includes the school report/transcripts, so I only had to submit my counselor rec written for other schools and it'd be fine. It really depends how your school policy is though...</p>

<p>i'm sure this is the same for most schools but i know tufts specifically said that the deadline is for the things that are under YOUR control, which doesn't include score reports, recommendations, transcripts, etc.</p>