School has received financial aid but refuses to give it to me.

So I just transferred to a new school with 48 credits that I completed from 2 other schools. So this new school keeps dropping my classes because they haven’t received payment. They told me that my application is incomplete because I owe them a transcript from a 3rd school I attended. Okay, when I applied I gave them my 2 official transcripts from the schools I completed all of my credits at, I never mentioned anything about a thrid school. They told me they did a background check on me (is this even allowed without my consent?) and found out I attended another school. While this is true I didn’t put this on my application because I went there for a semester and withdrew after the first couple of weeks and obviously received no credits. They’re saying if I can’t provide them with this transcript then they won’t process my financial aid that they have already received, but if I still want to attend I can pay out of pocket. What can I do about this???

Give them the transcript. Even if it is all W’s. Lying on your application can get your acceptance rescinded. Don’t lie.

Give your new school a transcript from the third school that you neglected to inform them about.

And yes, they didn’t need your consent to do an educational background check on you.

What can you do about this? Send them the transcript.

So…why didn’t you include school number three? It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do. You need to provide them with that transcript. Why can’t you just do that?

Most applications are pretty clear…they ask for transcripts from every college you attended. You need to get that transcript to them…now…or frankly, they won’t disburse your aid.

By deleting that school on your application, you were not honest about including all the previously attended schools.

I owe that school 10k, so getting the transcript from them would be difficult…

If you owe that school money, then you need to pay it. The longer you wait, the more interest will accrue and possibly penalties.

The requirement to submit transcripts from ALL previous colleges won’t go away…and your ability to get need based aid from a new school isn’t going to improve until you pay your bills.

Was any if this federally funded aid?

You are caught in a snag that you created.

How is it that you owe the college money? Was it unpaid tuition or whatever? Or was it that you dropped out in the middle of a term…and need to repay?

As the facts come out, everything gets clearer…

Agree with all of the above and you are fortunate that so far your new school has not rescinded your admission.

So you were dishonest twice? If you reneged on tuition to a third school, you need to pony up. Was this the first school you attended or the last? If the first, how did you possibly get into the second school if you didnt report the first attendance? Did you apply to the second school as a freshman when in fact you may not have been, and did not report the first school attendance? You are going to get harsh responses her because unfortunately that is deserved. How did you pay for the second school? Or the third? You are now on a fourth school?

The new school could very well rescind this students enrollment.

OR he could continue taking these classes and not paying…and end up with an owed bill for yet a second college.

There is nothing original left to say. The situation will not be resolved until the OP settles the outstanding bill. Plan B is not attending school #4, in which case the OP is on the hook for the $10K already owed plus whatever outstanding balances that s/he has with the current school. There is no third option, so keeping the thread open is pointless. Closing.