School List - Requesting guidance

I am an 8th grade student applying to boarding school (for admission in 9th grade). I am new to this forum, and will appreciate some guidance. Here is a summary of my credentials:

Academics: All A and A+ during my 6th and 7th grade. Strong Interest in Math, Computer Science, History and English

Math Accomplishments: AMC 10 Honor Roll, AIME Qualifier

Computer Science: Strong Interest in Programming

Extra-curricular activities: Published poet, Drawing and Painting (solo exhibition held once), Digital Art and Video (Editing and Creating Animated Videos), Theatre (Main Lead roles in school productions), Photography, Community Service. I have special love for nature and try capturing in my art and photography

Sports: No major accomplishments; Would love to try couple of sports (Lacrosse, Squash, Swimming) in High School. My current school has limited sports opportunities.

Personal Characteristics: Extremely creative, Eye for details, Positive attitude in life, Believe in taking risks in life, and Genuine care for others.

SSAT Score: In my first practice test last week, I got 84 percentile; English score was not that great; vocabulary was tricky(: I do not plan to spend too much time studying for SSAT, since other activities keep me busy. I would rather spend time on my creative activities, rather than memorizing words…that’s just me:). I will take a couple of tests and whatever is the best score, I will submit.

I am a female (US Citizen). I will need substantial aid and I know I will have to cast wide net.

If there are any schools, you can suggest, based on my profile, that would be great. School’s ranking/prestige is not important to me, but I am more concerned about school’s support system (e.g. teachers, electives in my interest areas in both academics and ECs, facilities, opportunities, culture of letting students take risk).

Visual Art ECs (Drawing, Painting, Digital Art and Video, Photography) are really really really important for me, and I would like to pursue them passionately in high school and will look for opportunities to blend them with my other interests (e.g. programming, love for nature) during four years of study.

Thank you for reading my post. Any advice will be most welcome. Preference is for boarding schools on the East Coast (MA, CT, NH)

George School, in PA (East Coast) is generous with FA. Very strong in both math (with math and robotics teams with competitive success) as well as visual arts. The sports profile would work well for you. It’s very diverse and inclusive. It is an IB school. You would definitely be able to explore and take risks.

Choate came to mind as well as a good possible fit.

Exeter’s math program is excellent.

Are you open to girls schools? They tend to be generous with FA.

I think you will want to explore the “vibes” at the different schools (which is hard when you can’t visit.)

@gardenstategal - Thank you so much for your inputs. Sure, I will do my research about suggested schools (George School, Choate and Exeter). Yes, I am open to girls school.
I understand, it will be tough this year to get a real feel of schools before applying. I plan to gather information about the shortlisted schools from secondary sources. If admitted to any schools, where I apply, I plan to visit them. Hopefully, the covid situation would be much better by March '20, and schools will have actual revisits this year.
Thank you again!

Grier School in PA has a big arts emphasis and a strong science program if you are open to girls schools.

^ I think Grier is also generous with FA based on what folks here on CC have experienced.

@southernfemmom and @gardenstategal - Thank you. I will surely research about Grier school.

Just for clarification:
Are you looking for a boarding school that has a strong arts program?
Or are you looking for an arts school that has a boarding program?

There’s a huge difference - and the lists on niche don’t quite capture that difference.
https://www.â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– /k12/search/best-art-boarding-schools/?type=private

Look into Lawrenceville!!! It is a great school that will definitely allow you to take risks and play those cool sports you are interested in trying! I actually play squash so when I saw that you wanted to try it I just had to send you something haha. I really do think you would be a great fit.

You mentioned you would like to blend a few of your interests together which I think you could definitely do. Lawrenceville allows students who have past certain levels of each subject to do an “Independent Study” meaning you basically get to design your own course for the term and you just need a faculty member to supervise you… you do get graded for it. Lawrenceville also has a ton of art classes that I think you would be interested in and even if you don’t find what you are looking for you can make your own club as well.

Here is the Lawrenceville website… I would highly suggest looking at the courses and seeing if they interests you.

@stalecookies - Thanks for your note. It’s the former…I am looking for a boarding school that has a strong arts program (besides rigorous academics options in regular subjects)

@hi2004 - thank you for sharing details about Lawrenceville and for your encouraging comments. I was excited to read the details you shared (Independent Study, art classes, starting a club and sports). I have briefly glanced at the website…looks like a great school. I will do more research for sure. thanks!

@hi2004 - I just wanted to share I did apply to Lawrenceville. I was really impressed after speaking to current students and attending several of their information sessions. I found the community very inclusive and welcoming. There was also a strong match between my interests and what school had to offer. The school is surely one of my top choices.

@gardenstategal - Post my research, I ended up applying to Exeter and Choate. I was impressed with their STEM and visual arts offerings. Choate’s signature program (ARC) is excellent. Exeter’s Math program surely stands out. I believe, I had fairly good interviews. I dropped the idea of applying to girls schools. I really, FA will be really limited this year and schools may have more of their current situations asking for aid (given the current economy). If I don’t get FA at the schools I have applied, I will continue with my current school and apply again next year.

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