School Monitor List still shows Missing, should I follow up?

Some school’s monitoring list still shows missing. For example, Milton still shows missing on a few of the items that I submitted. I’m not sure whether this is just a time delay or they’re really missing. I double checked Gateway and also the ISEE website, very sure everything is submitted. What would you suggest? I know the admission office probably is overwhelmed by inquiries right now so not sure whether I should email them if it is just because of time delay. Thanks much!

I don’t know if the same is true for all schools but my daughter was on a zoom for Loomis last night and they asked families to please not contact them unless something is still shown as missing a week to two after the 15th. They are backlogged and answering the inquiries takes up time when they could be logging things as received.

Thanks a lot for the context! Yeah, that’s what I feared as well that schools are overwhelmed right now so really don’t like us to contact them. I saw Hotchkiss also says on their website that it takes time for them to process, do not contact.

Yes to the above.
Give it a couple of weeks to update. Also, schools will contact you when/if stuff is missing, and there is absolutely time to address that and upload. So don’t panic at all.

The caveat: anything that is “optional” (such as optional recommendations) will of course not trigger an email from the school, so you may want to put on your to-do list to check for those items specifically in a week or two.

I would say some schools are really behind, none of my recc letters, transcripts, essays and parent statements were updated in their admission portals.